Virtual Platform


SHBC Reimaged! SHBC 2021 will feature a weekly lunchtime learning series dedicated to fulfilling the educational needs of busy clinicians and healthcare staff. These cover important topics in today’s Brave New World of Healthcare, and present how innovation and technology can bring change to improve patient care.

Virtual Platform link will be made available on 7 October, Thursday, complimentary for all to access. 

I have registered for SHBC 2021, how do I proceed?

As your previous SHBC registration is now not valid, you will need to register instead on the Virtual Platform (for your first log-in and no fees will be required).

I have registered via the registration platform and made payment, when can I expect my refund?

Registration fee will be refunded by End of November 2021, dependent on the card-issuing bank. Payment will be refunded to the card used. 

I have registered via my HR coordinators, will there be any deduction of funds?

There are no deduction of training funds, as the virtual platform is made available complimentary for all.

Will secretariat be submitting CME points to the various medical boards?
  • Secretariat will not be submitting the CME points to the various boards.
  • Delegates who are viewing the event will need to submit their CME points to the respective boards directly.

Singapore Nursing Board

  • Nurses to submit the claim for attending the event
  • Nurses to submit their claim under Category V-A (online learning) and that they will be accredited with 1 CPE point despite the duration they spend watching the virtual recording.
  • For more information click here

Singapore Medical Council

  • CME points will not be awarded for events that are open to the members of public. As such, we regret to inform that we will be cancelling this application. No CME points will be awarded for this event.

Singapore Pharmacy Council

  • Pharmacists to submit their claim under Category 1A (Ad-hoc event) and that they will be accredited with 1 point 


How can I have access to the virtual platform?

To have access to the Virtual Platform, you would only need to key in your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Institution
  • Country

You will then receive the confirmation email. From the confirmation email, click on VP link to access the to the platform. Use the same email, and login.