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Dr Vincent Connolly
Medical Director,
Emergency Care Improvement Programme,

Dr Vincent Connolly Consultant Physician and Associate Medical Director The James Cook University Hospital Marton Road Middlesbrogh TS4 3BW We initiated an ambulatory emergency care model over 20 years ago. This was recognised as an exemplar model which was shared across England. Using improvement methodology the system was improved and adopted in many other centres. Sharing learning between sites has been our aim to encourage the development of ambulatory care. To date we have worked with over 100 hospitals in England. We have also worked with colleagues in Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Australia. We have produced guidance in partnership with Royal Colleges and a suite of improvement tools. Post Appointed Consultant physician with an interest in Diabetes & Endocrinology in 1997 Medical Director, Emergency Care Improvement Program 2015 Previous posts Clinical Director for Medicine 1998 – 2012 Chief of Service for Acute medicine 2005 – 2012 Regional Posts Chair of the North East SHA, Clinical Innovation Team for Acute Care 2008 – 2011 National Post Clinical Lead for the Emergency care Intensive Support Team 2010 – 2016 Member of the National Clinical Advisory Team Regional medical director North of England 2016-2019 System executive medical director, Cumbria 2019-2020 Clinical advisor to NHS Elect 2012 – present MD The impact of social deprivation on diabetes mellitus. Recognition Winner of Hospital Doctor Acute Medicine Team of the Year 2004

Programme Details

Day 2, 13 October 2022 , Thursday, 1535 – 1545hrs
Session 8: 13 Oct 2022, Thurs, 1530 - 1700hrs
Track : Track 4B: Ambulatory Emergency Care – A Better Way to Manage Many Acute “Admissions”? (Level 2, Garnet 212 – 214)
Topic : AEC – Principles, Potential and Pitfalls