Scientific Programme


Adj Prof Derrick Heng
Deputy Director of Medical Services, Public Health Group,
Ministry of Health

Dr Derrick Heng is Deputy to the Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health in Singapore. He covers Public Health, with responsibility for oversight of Communicable Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases and International Cooperation / Global Health issues. His areas of work include public health policy and surveillance for communicable and non-communicable diseases; public health aspects of pandemic preparedness and response; population health analytics; and international co-operation. Derrick has been involved in the public health and policy response to COVID-19, and policy initiatives in the areas of HIV, TB, tobacco control, obesity, chronic disease screening and mental health in Singapore.

Derrick is an adjunct Professor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, and works with the School to facilitate the policy-relevance and translation of the work done at the School.

Coming from a background in clinical internal medicine, Derrick began working in the field of epidemiology in 1997, after obtaining a Masters at Cambridge University. Before taking on a policy role, he was involved in epidemiological research in the areas of clinical epidemiology, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, in addition to interests in research design and methodology, critical appraisal, and the ethical review of clinical trials.


Programme Details

Day 1, 07 October 2021 , Thursday,
Block 1: Brave New World of Healthcare
Track : Incentivising Health / Preventive Care: Plenary + Panel Discussion (Broadcast Date - 15 Oct 2021)
Topic : Plenary: Health of Our Nation