Adj A/Prof Clare Yeo
Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist,
Institute of Mental Health

A/Prof Clare Yeo is a trained clinical psychologist and presently provides psychological services and consultation to adult patients with a range of emotional problems, in particular anxiety and mood-related disorders at IMH. Apart from clinical work, she is the Allied Health Education Lead and has a teaching appointment at National University of Singapore where she coordinates the placement allocation and supervises clinical psychology interns when they are on placement at IMH. Prior to her education appointment, she was Head, Department of Psychology, IMH for a decade. Assoc/Prof Clare Yeo has a wealth of experience in providing crisis management consultancy and services to both government ministries and private corporations. As a trained CARE (Caring Action in Response to and Emergency) Officer and clinical psychologist, she has had much firsthand experience dealing with numerous crises. She led the first CARE team to Phuket in the wake of the Asian Tsunami, where next-of-kin of victims were given psychological first aid to assist them in dealing with the critical incident. In the past, she had also been actively involved in the crash of SQ 006 and the Nicoll Highway collapse. In light of her experience and professional expertise, she was appointed Head, CARE Officer, Ministry of Health in 2003, where she continues to be actively involved in national level crisis response management as well as drawing up professional standards and conducting training for CARE officers from government ministries and statutory boards. To date, she is still actively involved in crisis management response at the national level, with the most recent incident being the Sabah quake in 2015. In recognition of her professional contributions, Assoc/Prof Yeo was awarded the National Day Award – The Commendation Medal in 2009. Clare held the position of President, Singapore Psychological Society Council from 2013-2019 and was held the position of Vice-President of SPS Council from 2011-2013.

Programme Details

Day 1, 12 October 2023 , Thursday, 1605 – 1730hrs
Session 4: 12 Oct 2023, Thurs, 1600 – 1730hrs
Track : Track 2C: Mental Resilience (Garnet 218 - 219)
Topic : Panel Discussion: Mental Resilience from Different Perspectives