Asst Prof Paul Victor Patinadan
Assistant Professor of Psychology,
School of Social Sciences,
Nanyang Technological University

Dr Paul Victor Patinadan is an Assistant Professor with the Psychology Programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore specialising in health research. He is an Association for Death Education and Counselling (ADEC) certified Thanatologist and plays an active role in the Action Research for Community Health (ARCH) Lab NTU. As an interdisciplinary mixed-methods researcher, Dr Patinadan specialises in psychosocial interventions and therapies, the implementation science of such interventions, holistic education across stakeholders in care ecosystems, and the how the medical humanities can be employed for effective and humanistic pedagogy. He has worked on several projects with a focus on clinical outcomes for various illness trajectories, community and critical health psychology, psychosociospiritual wellbeing for patients and their families, and evaluative research for health organisations. These include investigating the health behaviours of the chronically ill, co-developing a serious game for diabetic management, understanding the role of dignity for individuals at the end of life, facilitating the grieving process for surviving family, and evaluating the Singaporean National Advance Care Planning Programme. Dr Patinadan’s most recent work focuses on how grieving individuals may employ their previously shared experiences with food and eating to facilitate their healing process. To date, Dr Patinadan has participated in multiple international and local conferences, and has been awarded with a number of honours.

Programme Details

Day 1, 12 October 2023 , Thursday, 1605 – 1730hrs
Session 4: 12 Oct 2023, Thurs, 1600 – 1730hrs
Track : Track 2A: Communication in Healthcare: Voices and Perspectives (Hall 1)
Topic : Panel Discussion: Communication in Healthcare: Voices and Perspectives