Scientific Programme


Dr Carine Bonnard
Principal Investigator, Model Development, A*STAR Skin Research Labs,
Head of Operations, Asian Skin Biobank,
Skin Research Institute of Singapore

Dr Bonnard has 25 years of experience in both academic research and industry. She started as a research engineer in Genset, a Biotech company in Paris, contributing to the development of new sequencing technologies. Dr Bonnard joined the Genome Institute of Singapore in 2003 to implement high-throughput genotyping platforms. In 2008, she was awarded with SINGA scholarship and completed her PhD at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. After what, she spent 7 years at the Institute of Medical Biology managing two main programs studying rare genetic diseases, resulting in the publication of more than 40 research papers. Studying young children present with premature skin ageing, skin inflammation and skin pigmentation defects has triggered her interest into skin research. Dr Bonnard joined the Skin Research Institute of Singapore in 2019, leading the operations of the Asian Skin Biobank. Dr Bonnard is also Principal Investigator at the A*STAR Skin Research Labs, developing next-generation 3D skin models for academic research and product development.

Programme Details

Day 2, 13 October 2022 , Thursday, 0930 – 0955hrs
Session 5: 13 Oct 2022, Thurs, 0900 - 1030hrs
Track : Track 1B: The Next Phase of Dermatology Research (Level 2, Garnet 212 – 214)
Topic : Skin Research Institute of Singapore SRIS Platform, including 3D Skin Development
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