Dr Koh Wee Lit


Dr Koh Wee Lit
Red Hare Studios

As much as it may seem like total opposites, Dr. Koh Wee Lit is both an academic as well as a serial entrepreneur. Born and raised in Singapore, Dr. Koh has added many feathers to his cap along the way since graduating in 2008 with a Ph. D in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

Immediately after graduation, Dr. Koh started a game and solutions company, Red Hare Studios, to realize his dream of making a difference to society through interactive experiences. Since then, he has been developing a variety of games and tech-solutions while doubling as an advisor and lecturer on the side for a number of years. Despite his busy schedule, he has continually made an effort to diversify into different sectors and industries. This includes F&B, FinTech, Blockchain, EduTech and HealthTech.

In line with his vision, Red Hare Studios collaborates with public, private and education organizations to fulfill their ideas and enhance their operations. It is passionate about helping its clients by learning and listening to their concerns. The company offers its services to those seeking innovation and hybrid designs. In the form of interactive entertainment, Red Hare Studios creates fun and engaging experiences for both commercial and educational markets on multiple platforms.

Programme Details

Track : Games for Health Innovations Centre (ALIVE) Mini-Symposium: Learn and Explore with ALIVE through Play (LEAP) 2019
Day 2, 11 October 2019 , Friday
1610 - 1630
Topic : The Pursuit of Gamification
Local Speakers