Dr Goh Liuh Ling


Dr Goh Liuh Ling
Senior Principal Scientific Officer,
Personalised Medicine Service,
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Dr Liuh Ling Goh is the Laboratory Director of TTSH Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, and Scientist for the Personalised Medicine Services. She is responsible for overseeing the development and expansion of molecular diagnostics for clinical use as well as the scientific direction of the laboratory. Her team uses next generation sequencing technologies for both somatic and germline testing to improve diagnosis and treatment. Ling obtained her PhD in 2006 from The National University of Singapore and continued her training as a Postdoctoral at ASTAR’s Institute of Medical Biology. She joined TTSH in 2014 and established the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and Biobank, with the major objective of bridging the gap between genomics research and its applications for personalised medicine. She has published over 20 internationally indexed journals and was awarded a prestigious HMDP Program in 2015 to learn the implementation of precision medicine program in Mayo Clinic. Her current interests focus on the development of non-invasive blood tests for early detection of cancer and disease progression.

Programme Details

Track : Crisis & Complex Care
Day 2, 11 October 2019 , Friday
0830 - 0850
Topic : Molecular Diagnostics for Precision Oncology
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