Dr Ervinna Pang
co11ab, Nanyang Technological University

Dr Pang is the Director of co11ab and a seasoned Bioentrepreneur. She played crucial role in building multiple Biotech and Medtech startups focused on cell and gene therapy, and in vitro diagnostics. With a PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Dr Pang joined Bayer Pharmaceuticals and contributed to External Innovation in the Asia Pacific region, from target discovery to Phase I clinical trials. Her second role at Bayer in Germany, where she contributed to the clinical development of one of the company’s earliest immune-oncology therapeutic assets. Dr Pang’s experience expanded with her involvement in Boehringer Ingelheim, managing External Innovation and Business Development in Shanghai, focusing on partnerships and potential venture investments in Greater China. Dr Pang plays an active role in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. During her tenure at A*STAR, she actively participated in intellectual property (IP) management, licensing, and fundraising for portfolio companies. As a founding team of co11ab, she continues to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, impact, and value creation. Dr Pang, a Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA) since 2021, specializes in valuing intangible assets, particularly IP rights that contribute to Enterprise Value. Dr Pang is also a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

Programme Details

Day 2, 13 October 2023 , Friday, 1610 - 1620hrs
Session 8: 13 Oct 2023, Fri, 1600 - 1730hrs
Track : Track 4B: Revolutionising Healthcare: Exploring Medtech, Biotech innovations for a Healthier Future (GARNET 212 – 213)
Topic : Introduction to co11ab@Novena and How it Supports Start-ups in the Healthcare Ecosystem
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