Scientific Programme


Dr Donna Tan
Family Physician-Associate Consultant & Assistant Director,
Clinical Services,
National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Donna obtained her Master of Medicine in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore in 2000 and has been a Family Physician in National Healthcare Group Polyclinics since. She has a special interest in complex patients with diabetes and obesity complicated with bio-psycho-social conditions, particularly poorly-controlled diabetes and multiple co-morbidities. She is keenly focused on integrating patient care that is comprehensive and holistic, involving physician, nursing and allied health professionals. She believes firmly in preventive care and early effective intervention that includes patient and family education and engagement in their environment and life context.

She also functions as Assistant Director in Clinical Services where she is actively involved in the development of Primary Care Allied Health Services as part of trans-disciplinary team-based care in NHG Polyclinics. She nurtures and creates sustainable platforms for the professional development of allied health professionals in areas relevant to primary care and related healthcare administration.

Since 2018, Donna is the Physician Lead of the NHG Tiered Weight Management workgroup. She leads the multi-disciplinary workgroup that spans primary care, hospitals and community partners, tapping on inter-collaborative expertise and resources to develop strategies in tackling obesity in the population. This involves identifying target at-risk persons/patients and providing appropriate inter-professional allied health interventions to curb the progression of metabolic syndrome.

Donna has research and quality improvement interest in the areas of Inter-professional collaborative care in primary care, chronic disease management such as diabetes care, dietetics and diabetic foot care, and weight management in patients with chronic diseases.







Programme Details

Day 2, 08 October 2021 , Friday,
Stratifying Health Care
Track : Metabolic Health & Diabetic Management (Broadcast Date - 07 Jan 2022)
Topic : Weight Management Across Care Continuum
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