Adj A/Prof Clare Yeo


Adj A/Prof Clare Yeo
Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist,
Department of Psychology,
Institute of Mental Health

A/Prof Clare Yeo is a trained clinical psychologist and presently provides psychological assessment and consultation to adult patients with a range of emotional problems, in particular anxiety and mood-related disorders at IMH. Apart from clinical work, she is the Allied Health Education Lead, IMH and has a teaching appointment at National University of Singapore where she coordinates the placement allocation and supervises clinical psychology interns when they are on placement at IMH. In 2017, she completed the Master of Science in Health Professions Education from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions.

In recognition of her leadership in health professions education, she was awarded the Education Leaders Award at the National Healthcare Group Awards ceremony 2019.

Programme Details

Track : Education & Pedagogies
Day 2, 11 October 2019 , Friday
1410 - 1430
Topic : The Making of a Clinical Psychologist
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