A/Prof Tavintharan Subramaniam
A/Prof Tavintharan Subramaniam

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A/Prof Tavintharan Subramaniam
Director and Senior Conslutant,
Diabetes Centre,
Admiralty Medical Centre

A/Prof Tavintharan is a Senior Consultant, whose specialty is Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. He has subspecialty interests in Lipidology and in diabetic foot complications.

He obtained a Master of Clinical Investigation (NUS) and is currently leading a national team of researchers from endocrinology and cardiology, looking at familial lipid orders.

As a senior consultant in the Diabetes Centre in Admiralty Medical Centre, he is actively involved in the care of patients with complex diabetes mellitus, namely looking after patients with refractory metabolic control and with advanced end-organ complications and is involved in exploring new models of care at the interface of specialist clinics and the community partners to improve care and outcome

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Track : Primary Care Forum 2018
Day 3, 27 October 2018 , Saturday
1430 - 1500
Topic : Advanced Therapeutics For Complex Diabetics
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