Ms Janet Campbell


Ms Janet Campbell
Vice President,
R&D Relations,
Epic, USA

Janet Campbell is a software developer and Vice President of R&D Relations at Epic. In her sixteen years at Epic, Janet has led the creation and development of several products: Stork Obstetrics module, Lucy personal health record, MyChart Bedside patient-facing portal for hospitalized patients, and MyChart Care Companion, a personalized wellness assistant. Prior to her current position, she was responsible for Epic’s Patient Experience strategy, software which has now reached more than 110M patients worldwide. She represents Epic in national and international conversations on interoperability, usability, meaningful use, and patient engagement. She serves as Vice Chair of the Electronic Health Record Association’s Public Policy Workgroup and has led multiple U.S. government working groups and initiatives.

Programme Details

Track : Symposium 3: Beyond Healthcare To Health - Empowerment through Digital Technology
Day 1, 10 October 2019 , Thursday
1540 - 1600
Topic : Enhancing Patient Experience Through Digital Technology
Keynote & Plenary Speakers