Dr Karen Ng
Dr Karen Ng

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Dr Karen Ng
Family Physician, Consultant;
Director, Clinical Services,
National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Dr Karen Ng is a Family Physician Consultant at the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP).

She graduated from NUS in 1996 and completed the Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) in 2001.

Besides her clinical work, Dr Ng is Director, Clinical Services in NHGP. She oversees the care delivery of medical services in the polyclinics under the group as well as the professional and clinical standards of the medical and allied healthcare professionals. Prior to this, she served as Regional Director in Primary Care Transformation Office, NHGP.

She is actively involved in the primary care transformation work in NHGP and is inspired by inter-professional collaboration in care delivery.  In addition, improving vertical integration with hospitals and health- social integration are areas that she is interested in and see these areas as pivotal to make a difference to patient care delivery.

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