Cancer Rehabilitation – The New Normal

Rapid advances in the field of cancer treatment allow for better survival rates and even offer the possibility of cure in some situations. As the number of cancer survivors increase, so do the rehabilitation needs and these can range from simple reconditioning to the more complex difficulties faced by patients who might have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

While many patients are happy to be “cured” initially, the impairments faced sometimes mean that life is never quite the same again. Although some patients undergo multiple short sessions of rehabilitation, these often take place independently of one another. The lack of a coordinated survivorship program may mean the difference between achieving quality of life , and the “ new normal”.

In this series of talks, we look at how research in the field of cancer rehabilitation can help with some common symptoms following treatment. We will also get to see how the rehabilitation process involves lifestyle change and carries on into the community long after treatment has ended.

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