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PomeFresh Otrimix Oats Porridge is an award-winning product and the world’s first 100-calorie meal power-packed with NutriLevertm – a proprietary blend of Flaxseed, Grape Seed, Konjac infused with Omega-3, Antioxidants minerals, and Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fibre from organic Wholegrains.

  • ~ 100 Calories
  • 50mg Antioxidants (Grapeseed OPC)
  • 1000mg OMEGA-3-6-9
  • More than 5g Fibre
  • More Soluble Fibre than Insoluble Fibre
  • >95% Wholegrains
  • GI (Glycemic Index) = 64

PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd

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