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SMITECH (ASIA) PTE LTD is specialized in distribution, sales, service and OEM partner for Scientific, Medical & Industrial (SMI) Technological Equipment for Asian Markets since 1994.

Our best selling products include InBody Professional  Body  Composition Analyzers with options to upgrade to non-invasive Health Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pre & Post Surgery Survival, Automatic BMI Meters, Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Ultrasound Bone Densitometer, X- ray Equipment for Medical, Dental & Veterinary Applications.

Our latest product is SMITECH Gaura Walk Portable  Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle which is the best natural health supplement and antioxidant to protect against harmful free radicals in our body.

Visit our booth to see the 3-in-1 Corporate Wellness Centre (CWC) concept to improve Work Health Balance and Productivity


Phone: +65 6339 5277