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There is no better Medical Congress in Singapore for maximum marketing visibility than SHBC. As the largest and most iconic Health & Biomedical Congress in Singapore, it boasts an unrivalled 3,500 Delegates from Singapore and the Asia Pacific. Growing in stature every year, it presents the perfect networking platform to grow your business.

SHBC 2021 celebrates its inaugural edition with an all-new virtual experience, giving rise to new sponsorship opportunities. With this year’s theme ‘Brave New World of Healthcare’, we are excited to embrace the possibilities offered by modern technology and there is no doubt that the SHBC virtual congress will create new connections – with peers, with knowledge and with innovation.

What’s in it for you?


Greater flexibility of a virtual platform increases attendee count. Delegates can participate live and access on-demand content later on at their convenience. Sponsors' logo will be hyperlinked and featured on SHBC website, virtual platform, e-programme guide and social media.


Sponsors can showcase and promote services virtually at any time. Delegates can add documents provided by each sponsor to their virtual briefcase and download them. For interested parties, they can also link up privately with the sponsor via their contact details.


Brand awareness does not end when the event does. Sponsors' content (videos with sponsor slides, sponsor logos etc) will be available on the virtual platform on-demand at least 3 months after the event, thus enhancing brand knowledge.

Join renowned sponsors who return each year with rave reviews and success stories on forging partnership and collaborations at SHBC!

As SHBC 2021 sponsorship packages for the virtual congress are limited, do confirm your participation early as most packages are based on first-come-first-served basis. We look forward to you experiencing the buzz and vibrancy of the virtual congress!

For exciting branding & sponsorship opportunities (fully customisable packages are negotiable),  email– to secure your packages now!