Year 2021
September 2021


Abstract Title
Evaluation of haematology analyser - Sysmex XS 1000 vs Beckman DXH 520



NHG Diagnostics1

Background & Hypothesis

An evaluation was conducted on 2 different haematology analysers to determine its result correlation. Both Sysmex XS1000i and Beckman DXH 520 are 5 part differential count analysers


The evaluation was conducted on Sysmex XS 1000 and 2 units of Beckman DXH 520 at NHGD YIS lab in 2020.

All instruments underwent precision study, carryover test and linearity to ascertain its performance prior to the concordance study.

63 samples were used in the correlation all reportable parameters and WBC differential count and its flagging


The 2 units of DXH 520 demonstrated acceptable performance in precision, carryover and Linearity. The correlation of the parameters were within RCPA allowable error.  However, we noted a low concordance of 39% in the WBC differential count flagging . To validate the flagging, manual differential count was conducted

Discussion & Conclusion

During the correlation, Sysmex XS appeared to be more sensitive to Atypical lymphocytes where manual differential count read < 5%. This inevitably resulted in more manual slide review.

In the 63 samples, 4 cases with high atypical lymphocytes (>5%) seen in manual differential count and they were flagged as lymphocytes in sysmex XS1000i and as monocytes in DxH 520. To counter the potential missed out in the reporting of Atypical lymphocytes in DXH, a lower threshold for monocytes in slide review may be needed.