Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination perception among nurses in National Skin Centre

C.H. QUEK1, K.L. TAN1, K.Y. KONG1, X. ZHAO1, B. LIM1


National Skin Centre1

Background & Hypothesis

In January 2021, Ministry of Health (MOH) announcement on a non-mandatory COVID-19 vaccination to all healthcare workers. The take up rate among nurses in National Skin Centre was closed to optimal.

This study aimed to understand the perceptions of nurses’ about COVID-19 vaccination.


A cross-sectional, web-based study was conducted among nurses in NSC about COVID-19 vaccines after 6 months since announcement from MOH. 16-item survey questionnaires were developed and distributed to all nurses; it required 5 minutes to complete.


A total of 49 frontline nurses completed the survey; 84% were females, 63% were married with children and 93% were Singaporean. 87% of nurses had received COVID-19 vaccination. Regarding obtained information resources on vaccination; 86% of nurses obtained from MOH or WHO websites; followed by 71% obtained from institution. In comparing of perception of safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines in prevention and control from 6 months ago, 66% of nurses showed positive perception of vaccine administered, 88% of nurses perceived the pandemic situation was less severe compared to 6 months ago, but the difference was not significant, all p>0.05. Female nurses are more likely to be unsure about the safety and efficacy of vaccination compared with male nurses (p=0.04).

Discussion & Conclusion

The emerging of global COVID-19 continues to be a threat to the community, it is critical to improve knowledge and perception among the female nurses who made up to the larger workforce in healthcare on aspects of family planning and lactation in receiving vaccination.