Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
Temperature fluctuations on stability of medical solutions during transport by community nurses- A descriptive correlational study

J. M. E. CHEE1, Y. X. E. LIM1, Y. P. TAN1, Z. R. TAN1, W. T. CHEN1


Tan Tock Seng Hospital1

Background & Hypothesis

Stability of medical solutions stored in community nurses’ bags may affect the sterility of aseptic procedures in Singapore’s tropical climate. This study aims to identify the degree of temperature fluctuations of medical supplies and its relationship with their location.


A descriptive correlational study was used to analyse the temperature differences of medical solutions amongst community health team nurses. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the mean, standard deviation and temperature variance in degrees Celsius across the luggages of 5 randomly identified nurses over 66 days.

ANOVA was used to compare the means of temperatures of the solutions in 3 different locations in the office (μ1), taxi transit (μ2) and the home visit setting(μ3).


The mean maximum temperature (T=26.1) exceeded the average temperature required for stability of one of the products, chlorhexidine gluconate (T>25), but was within the temperature range for lignocaine gel (T>30).

Statistical difference was found between the mean temperature in all 3 locations (p<0.001; μ =25.5, μ 2=26.9, μ 3=27.5). ANCOVA showed statistically significant difference in mean temperature amongst the 3 locations after adjusting for covariates like time of the day (p<0.001).

Discussion & Conclusion

Further secondary studies need to be conducted to rule out other confounding variables affecting temperature differences based on its location. Interventions can be explored to better transport these medical solutions to ensure sterility and reduce potential associated infections.