Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
Factors Influencing Nurses’ Perception of Web-based Continuing Professional Education for Meeting Learning Needs: A Cross-sectional Study in Primary Care

J. G. DE ROZA1, L. J. GOH1, J. X. ZHU1, C. Y. CHAN1, C. ANNA1


National Healthcare Group Polyclinics1 

Background & Hypothesis

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) develops professional practice of nurses. The pandemic has led to more web-based platforms for CPE; however, web-based learning may have challenges of limited interaction and engagement. This study aimed to determine course-related factors that influenced nurses’ perception of whether web-based CPE met learning needs.


This descriptive cross-sectional survey conducted from March to July 2021 recruited primary care nurses who attended at least one web-based CPE in 2020. The Online Learner Support Instrument (OLSI) subscales ‘Interaction with teacher and peers’ and ‘Course design and resources’ with 7 and 9 items; maximum score 35 and 45 respectively; were used. Mann-Whitney-U determined differences in OLSI subscale scores between dichotomized perception of whether web-based CPE met learning needs.


Of 131 nurses, 67.2% were degree holders and above, 69.5% had more than 10 years working experience and 34.1% attended more than 10 web-based CPE in 2020. Majority (66.2%) agreed web-based CPE met learning needs. Those who felt web-based CPE did not meet learning needs compared to those who felt learning needs were met had significantly lower median scores on ‘Interaction with teachers and peers’ (21 vs 27, p<0.001) and ‘Course design and resources’ (29 vs 36, p<0.001).

Discussion & Conclusion

This study provided insight into factors that influenced nurses’ perception about web-based CPE. Web-based platforms have potential to reach large audiences; however, the compromise is reduced active engaged learning and connectedness with other learners. Course organizers and educators should strive to enhance methodologies of virtual course designs to provide authentic and engaging web-based experiences.