Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
Evaluation of therapists' perceptions on transdisciplinary therapy in an acute inpatient setting



Tan Tock Seng Hospital1

Background & Hypothesis

Transdisciplinary care increases the scope of practice of mutually trained therapists and allows flexibility in practice to provide higher value in rehabilitation services. Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Essentials (AIRES) is a transdisciplinary therapy programme that includes training of identified core-skills in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy through classroom and workplace learning sessions; and collaborative management of rehabilitation needs of patients in inpatient acute wards. The aim of this study is to evaluate the perceptions of the therapists who had undergone AIRES on transdisciplinary care.


A mixed quantitative and qualitative methodology was used. The Inter-professional Collaborative Competency Attainment Scale (ICCAS) is a self-rated questionnaire which the therapists rate their ability before training, after training and after 5 months of using the transdisciplinary approach. Focus groups were conducted and responses were collected for thematic analysis.


11 therapists were included in this programme. The 5 constructs of ICCAS saw significant improvement from pre-training to after 5 months of using the transdisciplinary approach, namely: communication (p= 0.004), collaboration (p=0.014), roles and responsibilities (p=0.005), patient centred care (p=0.010) and conflict management (p=0.025). Qualitative analysis from focus groups highlighted three areas: 1) improved communication and working relationship between therapists; 2) the additional skills allowed them to provide sessions that were more holistic and value-adding to patients; 3) reduced duplication of services and workload.

Discussion & Conclusion

The attitudes of the therapists towards transdisciplinary care assisted in the delivery of patient-centred management. A training programme for therapists that targets transdisciplinary care can improve inter-professional collaboration and communication which may enhance patient care.