Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
LOTTE Transdisciplinary medical education promotes interprofessional collaboration and independent learning in medical undergraduates

S. CHAN1, P. NG1, R. CHUA1, W. TEO2, C. CHIA1


Khoo Teck Puat Hospital1, National Healthcare Group HQ2

Background & Hypothesis

The rise in complex medical conditions requires clinicians to increasingly engage in transdisciplinary care to optimize patient outcomes. The Learning Oriented Teaching in Transdisciplinary Education (LOTTE) elective was conducted by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) to expose medical undergraduates to the concept of interprofessional collaboration through observation and presentation of complex clinical cases. In this 4 week program, the “Learning Oriented Teaching” model was used to enhance learning at the cognitive, affective and metacognitive levels through shared guidance between student and faculty. This study aims to evaluate the participants’ experience and perception of LOTTE.


Fourth year medical students from a local university and KTPH clinical faculty who participated in KTPH LOTTE elective from March to April 2021 were recruited for this study. Students were attached to two subspecialties to maximize learning opportunities and follow the patient journey from ‘Start to Finish’. End of posting feedback scores by students were collected and semi-structured interviews of participants will be conducted and analyzed using thematic analysis.


Thirteen out of 15 students submitted end of posting scores. The average score for the elective was 3.7/4. Feedback from students include: (1) Exposure to wide variety of clinical conditions; (2) Excellent teaching culture; and (3) Good hands-on experience. Qualitative interview with students and faculty will be conducted to understand their experience with LOTTE.

Discussion & Conclusion

LOTTE elective was well received and provides a holistic learning experience for medical undergraduates in transdisciplinary care.