Year 2021
September 2021


Abstract Title
Joy in Work – A grounds-up NHG initiative to create a workforce that finds joy, meaning and satisfaction in work



National Healthcare Group Corporate Office1, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital2 

Background & Hypothesis

The increasingly stressful healthcare environment can put healthcare workers at risk of mental and physical exhaustion. The IHI published a White Paper on the steps and roles of leadership in promoting joy in work using QI methods. Based on this, we set out to engage staff in a participative initiative for JIW at the team micro-process level in the NHG cluster.

We aim to create a grounds-up movement to promote a workforce that finds joy, meaning and satisfaction at work by testing a prototype toolkit and using QI methodology.



A steering committee reviewed published best practices and the IHI framework was adapted to improve relatability by local staff. We developed a self-help tool kit to facilitate team discussions focusing on team micro processes at work. Seven pilots leads from five NHG institutions tested the toolkit and met monthly to share their results.



Positive qualitative feedback include JIW being a legitimate platform to bring up concerns and establishing a peer support network. Areas for improvement include the appearance and portability of the toolkit prototype. Results of the 1st PDSA will be used to improve the toolkit prototype before introduction to new sites and pilots in a 2nd PDSA (planning stage).

Discussion & Conclusion

We used an iterative learning approach and improvement efforts to empower our workforce to identify pain points and improve team micro-processes.  A combination of an adapted IHI framework, a toolkit prototype and regular facilitated sessions was found to be beneficial in initiating joy in work in our pilot teams.