Year 2021
October 2021


Abstract Title
The value of a Pharmacist Medication Review Service for Geriatric patients at risk of Drug-Related Problems in Primary Care



NHG Pharmacy1

Background & Hypothesis

Geriatric patients are at risk of Drug-Related Problems (DRPs) due to underlying multi-morbidity, polypharmacy and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes. A Pharmacist-led Medication Review Service (MRS) catered towards geriatrics was piloted at NHG polyclinics. This study aimed to evaluate the value of MRS for patients and doctors.


A prospective interventional study was conducted among geriatric patients at two NHG Polyclinics from 1st September to 31st October 2020. Patients ≥70 years old with ≥8 medications were screened for eligibility for inclusion. Clinical Pharmacists reviewed each patient and provided interventions.

A survey was performed on partnering doctors in September 2020, to assess their perception of MRS. Demographics and outcome data were collated and analysed using Microsoft Excel 2016. Descriptive statistics were utilised in the analysis.


508 patients were screened with 286 recruited. Following direct referrals to MRS and defaulters, a final 299 patients were included. An average of 1.5 DRPs were identified per patient. 428 DRPs were identified (Adherence 230 [53.7%]; Indication 108 [25.2%]; Safety 63 [14.7%]; Efficacy 25 [5.84%]) with 431 interventions proposed by the Pharmacist. Prescriber acceptance rate of proposed interventions was 90.5% (390/431).

The survey was conducted on 26 partnering doctors. On a 5-point Likert scale, 69.2% (18/26) of respondents rated MRS as “very useful” (5 out of 5) for patients and 73.1% (19/26) as “very helpful” (5 out of 5) for their consultation.

Discussion & Conclusion

The MRS is useful and beneficial for geriatric patients to identify and address DRPs and is highly valued by partnering doctors.