This design concept for Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC) 2019 deftly memorializes elements of its preceding design from 2018. The abstract angular shapes that made an appearance in the SHBC 2018’s design have made a comeback in this year’s design.

Through the transformative process portrayed in the undulating wave, the abstract shapes gradually morph into distinct triangles as they plaster themselves onto the surface of the polygonal sphere which represents the National Health Group’s (NHG) organisational structure.

The triangles, that form the plates of the sphere, symbolise the various health institutions that encompass NHG. This creative use of amalgamation within the design embodies the collaborative efforts of the different organisations in striving for the advancement of healthcare through innovation.

The dual-coloured three-dimensional dotted mesh, housed within the sphere’s core, represent the incubation of innovation within NHG’s structure, oscillating and gracefully flowing in accordance with the ingenious ideas of thousands of individuals from the various health intuitions.